Deploy & Release Start

  • To provide guidelines and support for the deployment of Releases.
  • To assign authorized Changes to Relases Packages and to define the scope and content of Releases. Based on this information, the Release Planning process develops a schedule for building, testing and deploying the Release.
  • To issue all necessary Work Orders, Purchase Requests and ide plan so that Release components are either bought from outside vendors or developed/ customized in-house. At the end of this process, all required Release components are ready to enter the testing phase.
  • To deploy the Release components into the live production environment. This process is also responsible for training end-users and operating staff and circulating information/ documentation on the newly deployed Release or the services it supports.
  • To resolve operational issues quickly during an initial period after Release Deployment, and to remove any remaining errors or deficiencies.
  • To formally close a Release after verifying if activity logs and Packages contents are up to date.

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